The company  “Afoi Carneri O.E”, was established in August 2013, in Athens as the successor company of  “Dimitrios. I. Carneris” which was established in 1986.

In the first place “Dimitrios. I. Carneris” was constructing metal clumps(hoses) for air ducts and for plastic metal pipes consulting at  a client list  all over Greece. In the year 2006, it began the construction of flexible aluminum  air ducts and in 2008 from stainless steel (Ø50  up to   Ø350mm).

In 2013, the production of rigid(non flexible) spiral ducts began, from stainless steel  (AISI 304) and galvanized steel (Ø80  up to   Ø1400mm).

The company also trades CE series stainless steel chimney pipes, single(I) and double(II) wall.
Our company  aims in continuous improvement of its products, enlarging its range, and meet the needs of  its customers as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Christos Carneris  &  John Carneris